Amazon Rain Forest Birds

Georgetown’s Fourth Grade artists created these beautiful Amazon rainforest birds to wrap up their study of Mexico, Central America, and South America.  See more rainforest birds in our on-line Artsonia gallery here!   This project was inspired by Denise M. Logan’s book, “Dynamic Art Projects For Children”.

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Just Under The Wire…

Final Georgetown Art Show Selections!  Congrats, artists!       Find more information about our 2014 Art Show here: Hudsonville Art Program

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A Few More….

Well everyone, we are finishing our last selections for the 14th Annual HPS District Art Show.  Here are our most recent masterpieces – congratulations, artists! Check here for more art show information!  Hudsonville Art Program

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Fourth Grade Portraits

Fourth grade artists have been studying the art of American Artists Mary Cassatt.  They learned that she loved to paint children, including her own nieces and nephew.  So of course they created portraits of children – themselves! After writing about themselves and creating a background of colored tissue paper, they traced their portraits from photos. [...]

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Fourth Grade Highway And Byways

Paul Klee’s “Highway and Byways” was the inspiration for these pieces created by our Fourth Grade artists. This project also focused on our school-wide goal of improving student math number sense with a deeper understanding of fractions. Fourth grade students used their knowledge of fractions to divide their paper space into halves, thirds, and fourths. [...]

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Each year, student artwork is selected for display at our Administration Building.  The framed artwork is “on loan” for one year and then returned to the students.  It is always a pleasure to drop the artwork off at the Administration Building – everyone there stops what they are doing and gathers around the art pieces, [...]

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New Art Show Selections

Congratulations, Georgetown Artists!  Here are the latest selections for our 2013 HPS Student Art Show.  Thanks to our wonderful kindergarten art teacher, Mrs. Persch, for getting these masterpieces ready for the art show!                      

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Cute Kiwis

Fourth grade artists created these cute New Zealand kiwi birds, adding their favorite zentangles and line designs. Sweet!       See more of these kiwis at our ARTSONIA Kids Art Museum!

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Beautiful Boab Trees

Fourth Grade artists are completing these fabulous Boab Trees as part of our Cultural Focus this year – Australia.  They learned that the Boab Tree is also called the “bottle tree” as it stores water in the bottle-shaped trunk to endure harsh drought conditions in the Australian outback. Our boab trees were inspired by the [...]

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I received the sweetest belated Christmas gift today from one of my fourth grade students.  Her parents ordered me this beautiful Christmas ornament from Artsonia with her recent Winter Birch artwork printed on it.  The ornament is beautiful….and I will treasure it.   Thank you my friends! xoxo Mrs. Brouwer

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