Line Hands

My fourth and fifth graders completed this fun project recently when I had a substitute teacher in the art room.  They looked at artist M.C. Escher’s “Drawing Hands” for inspiration, and drawing all those straight lines gave them some good practice using their rulers too!

M.C. Escher’s “Drawing Hands”

Special thanks to fellow South Elementary Art Teacher Mrs. Nienhouse  for this project idea!


Salvador Dali Portraits

Fifth Graders are finishing up a great Salvador Dali project.  They loved learning about the Surrealists and talking about their own “surreal” dreams, and found Dali’s attention-grabbing moustache very hilarious.  After creating their portraits, they chose their own Dali-inspired backgrounds and pipe-cleaner moustache designs.

Dali’s Many Moustaches

This project is inspired by Anne at  .  Thanks, Anne,  for an awesome lesson idea – my kids loved it!

Fifth Grade O’Keeffe Flowers

Fifth graders have been looking at the work of American artist Georgia O’Keeffe this week, and are finishing up large chalk flowers in the style of O’Keeffe.  Their flowers are stunning – they have really worked hard to carefully blend the flowers and make them fill their picture space, just like O’Keeffe did.

Fifth Grade Silhouettes

Fifth Grade artists have been reviewing the art elements as they design their silhouettes.  After briefly discussing silhouettes and recalling that the traditional silhouette is an outline without features on the inside, we began jazzing up our own silhouettes.  I traced each student’s features and then they got busy using shape, color, line, and texture to fill in their silhouette.

  Traditional Silhouette

  I was thrilled to see many of my 5th graders refer to their sketchbooks for Zentangle ideas to fill their silhouettes.

A few finished pieces – they all turned out so great!  This is a project that I haven’t done in a number of years – my 5th graders really enjoyed working on their silhouettes.

5th Grade Op Art

This is the time of year when my 5th graders really need some challenges to help them stay on task in the art room – spring fever has really settled in for them!  This Op Art project kept them busy and on task.  We looked at Op Art by several artists, including Bridget Riley and Victor Vasarely – then created a small 9×9 Op Art drawing with markers.  Next we did some Op-Art paper weaving (the kids loved this and really rocked at it!) to showcase their drawings.  Totally awesome!

Bridget Riley – Movement in Sqares

220px-Riley,_Movement_in_Squares vasarely-victor-feny-2602606Vasarely

Fifth Grade Op Art Fifth Grade Op Art Fifth Grade Op Art Fifth Grade Op Art Fifth Grade Op Art Fifth Grade Op Art