Kindergarten Winter Elmos

Need a smile?  Take a look at the Elmos that Georgetown Kinders created!

Their Elmos began with the paint brushes that Kindergarteners designed in Mrs. Totten’s STEAM class. Later in art class, they explored the kinds of lines and marks their brushes made as they painted their red Elmo heads.

Kindergarten Steam Brushes

After adding Elmo’s face and a winter hat, a whole lotta Elmo cuteness happened in the art room!


Parents, visit Artsonia, our on-line art Gallery to see your child’s Elmo HERE.


Holiday Elmos

You just gotta smile when you see these Santa Elmo drawings that my First Graders did this week.  We drew them with a big black permanent marker (lots of cool shapes to talk about!) – colored the details with crayon and added red tempera paint for Elmo’s fur.  We finished up with a little chalk, rubbed in with a cotton ball.

Santa Elmo

Santa Elmo Santa Elmo Santa Elmo