Spring Flowers

My second graders are finishing up these beautiful flowers with big bugs.  They drew a large flower and then studied pictures of bugs to complete their bug drawings.

IMG_0841 Painting the background with watercolors.


We also learned a fancy new art word: ANALOGOUS.  These are colors that are next to each other on the color wheel; second graders learned that the colors who are “neighbors” on the color wheel mix together nicely because they are closely related.  They blended their flower petals with oil pastels, carefully checking the color wheel for their best analogous colors to blend.

IMG_0843 IMG_0844 IMG_0846

Special thanks to my colleague Mrs. Persch for this project idea!

I CAN: draw a large realistic insect; tell a friend my favorite analogous colors; blend colors using oil pastel.

Kindergarten Color Wheels

We’ve been playing with color in my Kinder classes this week.  We enjoyed some favorite books about color including Alan Baker’s White Rabbit’s Color Book.

White Rabbit's Color BookThen we had the best fun mixing color using play doh.  My kinders learned about the primary colors (red and red and red makes only red!) and they had a grand time mixing the primary colors to create green, orange, and purple.  Some mystery colors were created along the way during our great color experiment!

Kindergarten Color Wheel Kindergarten Color Wheel Kindergarten Color Wheel