Second Grade Artists Explore Matisse

Georgetown second grade artists have been exploring the work of French artist Henri Matisse.  They loved his beautiful painting of The Goldfish Bowl, and were excited to create a similar piece using Matisse’s cut paper collage style.

Matisse – The Goldfish Bowl

Beginning the collage background

Adding goldfish to painted fishbowls


Completed pieces – bright and beautiful.  Parents – your child’s Matisse collage can also be found on Georgetown’s Artsonia gallery!  Visit our Artsonia Gallery here.

Special thanks to the blog, Wilder Paint Splatters for the Matisse inspiration!

Matisse and The Eye Path

Second grade artists have been learning about Henri Matisse and his beautiful cut paper collages.  They created their own cut paper collage in the style of his “Beasts of the Sea” piece.  They quickly became experts at cutting spirals and finding the beauty in their positive and negative cut shapes.

  Matisse – Beasts of the Sea

Here are two of our collages.

I love to introduce my second graders to the concept of an “eye path” with this lesson.  We talk about ways an artist can make the viewer’s eye move around the artwork – by using color and shape that is carefully placed in the picture.  Then I challenge them to create an eye path of their own as they create their compositions.

This year we spent some time looking at our finished pieces and finding each others’ eye paths.  The conversations at each table were absolutely fabulous – my kiddos were so excited to talk about their work to each other!  We practiced first about the polite way to talk about each others work, and how we might add “constructive criticism” such as “what if you put another shape here” and “my eye wanders off the picture here, could you add another spiral to bring the eye path around the corner”…..and they did it!



Georgetown 5th Graders Explore Hundertwasser

Fifth grade artists have been working on a fun new Hundertwasser project.  After viewing several pieces by Austrian painter and architect Hundertwasser and learning about his interest in nature and spirals, we began by creating a background while exploring tints and shades.


Hundertwasser- these were our inspiration pieces.

Painting the background – including Hundertwasser spirals.

Working on the faces.

Finished pieces with spiral collage flowers created with fabric and buttons.

A final fun collage.  I love this new project!

Third Grade Picasso Collages

My third grade artists were admiring the Picasso “Three Musicians” project that their fellow first graders recently completed, so….here’s another take on the Three Musicians, this time with a third grade twist!

Our Three Musicians are inspired by a project from Sara Brady, Art Specialist at Cathedral School in Bismarck, ND.  Thanks Sara!  Here’s the link to Sara’s Artsonia page.

First Grade Fall Collages

First grade artists are finishing up these beautiful fall collages.  This was a busy project and my first graders did a great job following directions – painting pumpkins and gourds, creating texture leaf rubbings, carefully cutting out many pieces for their collages, thoughtfully arranging them on their paper background, learning to OVERLAP, and finally, adding the much-anticipated silver and copper painted details!  Whew!

This project was inspired by a project I found on Pinterest….unfortunately, the web address given won’t work.  So if this is your project that I “borrowed”, please let me know so I can give you credit here – my first graders loved this fall collage!

Lois Ehlert Bird Collages

First Grade artists are finishing up a project inspired by Lois Ehlert’s winter story, “Snowballs”.  Ehlert-Snowballs

We created a cardinal collage and learned about the French word, collage, or “to glue” along the way!   The cardinal was made by folding a red construction paper circle in half like a taco – and in half again – and one more time, to make an ice cream cone – and we end up with how many triangles  – eight!  Students cut along the fold lines and played with their triangles “like a puzzle” to build a standing or flying bird.  Everyone’s bird is different since we all put our “bird puzzles” together in our own way.

First Grade Cardinals First Grade Cardinals First Grade Cardinals First Grade Cardinals

There’s something so fascinating about using the paper punch – and my 1st graders loved punching out a big pile of white tagboard holes for the “snow”!

Paper Punch Paper Punch