More Clay Projects

Georgetown artists are finishing up their clay projects that they began before the holiday break.  They have been anxiously waiting for their pieces to be fired in the kiln one more time after applying their glazes.  Here are some of the pieces that we are finishing up!

IMG_1700 IMG_1701 IMG_1703 Fifth Grade MirrorsIMG_1712 Second Grade Froggies – ready to fire

IMG_1488Third grade turtles – shells are glazed, legs and head are finished with watercolor.  Aren’t their shells beautiful!

IMG_1785 IMG_1786 IMG_1787 IMG_1788

Six Days of Clay….(Or, Oh My Achin’ Back!)

Today we wrapped up six straight days of clay projects in the art room – that’s over 500 projects and about 700 pounds of clay, whew!  And the work isn’t over yet…next it is on to bisque firing, glazing, and firing again.  (Sorry Georgetown…the electric bill for November and December might be a smidge higher than usual!)

Here’s an early peek at the clay projects Georgetown’s artists created this month.  Each grade learned a new clay building skill, including pinch pots, creating texture, rolling coils, and throwing a slab (always a favorite with 5th grade!)

Stay tuned for pictures of the finished pieces.

IMG_0980 IMG_0979 1st grade texture pinch pots


IMG_0889 IMG_0976 3rd grade coil turtles

IMG_0983 IMG_0977 4th grade lions

IMG_0982 IMG_0978 5th grade slab mirrors

IMG_0981 2nd grade frogs


Precious Portraits With Pendants

Have I mentioned before that I adore my first grade artists?  Check out their stunning self portraits and beautiful clay pendants!

The project began with the creation of our clay pendants – my first grader’s  very first clay project!  After some time rolling and smooshing the clay, we smashed it into a nice clay cookie and added texture with bottle caps and sticks.  After oohing and aahing at their finished glazed pendants, they spent lots of time lining up their beads in different patterns before stringing them.


Next came the portraits – we viewed self-portraits by famous artists, and there was lots of giggling as we looked in our mirrors and drew our faces.  First graders smiled into their mirrors and noticed how lines showed up around their mouths, noticed that their eyebrows were made up of little hairs, and that their ears were in line with their eyes.

Their finished portraits are so cute – and many of them captured a good likeness of themselves!



This project was inspired by a Summer 2010 article from Arts And Activities Magazine – “Jewelry Portraits” by Aimee Fresia.




Disaster…no more.

Six hundred twenty clay projects ready to fire in the kiln….and yikes, Mr. Kiln repeatedly goes into alarm and shows a bad boy error code.  Who swoops in to save the day?  Why, Mr. Rob, our awesome and talented custodian!  Big thanks to Mr. Rob for getting his custodian buds to check those mysterious amps and volts – and even bigger thanks to Mr. Rob for finding and repairing the loose ground wire.

We are good to go once again….and owls, coil pots, wall pockets, fish, and pendants will be featured soon!

Hot Wall Pockets

Finally had time to load the kiln this week – my fourth graders are dying to see their wall pockets that they began before Christmas break.  Here they are still in the kiln – too hot to handle!

Fourth Grade clay wall pockets Fourth Grade wall pockets Fourth Grade wall pockets

We’ll add a wire to hang them, and maybe some beads too.  Hope to send them home for Valentine’s Day!

Clay Trees – Finished!

Fifth Graders are adding the final details to their fun clay trees.  They are enjoying digging through a big pile of sticks for just the right “arms”, and adding brown and black watercolor for additional tree color.  We have also discovered that oil pastel, rubbed in with a blending stump, adds a great bit of color to the tree “bark”.

Selecting sticks Choosing Sticks

Stick ArmsTrees

Trees Trees Trees

Clay Projects Continue…

We are continuing our clay projects in grades 3, 4, and 5 – students will begin adding glazes to their projects over the next few classes. Today we put the holiday music on and glazed our coil pots!

Third Grade coil pots Third grade pots filed and ready to glaze

Third Grade coil pots Third Grade coil pots Third Grade Coil Pots

Another picture of our Fifth Grade Trees – soon to be painted with brown watercolors and twigs added for “arms”.

Fifth Grade Clay Project

And…if you’d like to see a really neat clay Christmas Tree project, check out my fellow Hudsonville art teacher’s blog – Mrs. Bandstra over at Alward Elementary –  Mrs. Bandstra’s Art Room.

Clay Projects in Progress

My 3rd through 5th grades have been excitedly working on their clay projects this month.  Their pieces have been air drying and we’ve just begun the firing process – glazing next week!  Here’s what we’ve been creating:

Fifth Grade Trees Fifth Grade Clay Trees Fifth Grade Clay Trees – we made holes to add real twigs for branches after firing them.  This project is from Craig Hinshaw’s awesome book, “Clay Connections”

Fifth Grade Clay Trees Pressing texture into clay using tree bark pieces

Fifth Grade Clay Trees Rolling clay slab around pvc tube and sealing the back

Fourth Graders are making wall pockets – they are very excited to work on a clay piece that they can hang on the wall.

Fourth Grade Clay Wall Pocket “Throwing” a clay slab to create a pancake circle

Fourth Grade Clay Wall Pocket Forming and decorating the wall pocket.

Third graders reinforced their “slip-n-score” skills as they built a coil pot.

Third Grade coil pot Third grade coil pot