One Last Clay Project

Fourth Grade artists were really, really excited to finally take their clay lions home! We began our lions WAY before Christmas break, but with many snow days and over 600 pieces to fire in our little kiln, the lions have been slow to finish.  BUT well worth the wait, as you can see!

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Second Grade Frogs

Second grade artists completed their fabulous clay frogs this week by adding black line details to the tongue and eyes of their project.  And of course…the final important detail, a delicious plastic fly for their frogs to eat!  Gotta love the fly!

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More Art Show Selections!

Here are the latest selections for our upcoming HPS District Art Show.  Congratulations, artists! Follow this link for more information about our district wide art show!  2014 HPS Art Show    

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More Clay Projects

Georgetown artists are finishing up their clay projects that they began before the holiday break.  They have been anxiously waiting for their pieces to be fired in the kiln one more time after applying their glazes.  Here are some of the pieces that we are finishing up!  Fifth Grade Mirrors Second Grade Froggies – ready to [...]

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Six Days of Clay….(Or, Oh My Achin’ Back!)

Today we wrapped up six straight days of clay projects in the art room – that’s over 500 projects and about 700 pounds of clay, whew!  And the work isn’t over yet…next it is on to bisque firing, glazing, and firing again.  (Sorry Georgetown…the electric bill for November and December might be a smidge higher [...]

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Precious Portraits With Pendants

Have I mentioned before that I adore my first grade artists?  Check out their stunning self portraits and beautiful clay pendants! The project began with the creation of our clay pendants – my first grader’s  very first clay project!  After some time rolling and smooshing the clay, we smashed it into a nice clay cookie [...]

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Disaster…no more.

Six hundred twenty clay projects ready to fire in the kiln….and yikes, Mr. Kiln repeatedly goes into alarm and shows a bad boy error code.  Who swoops in to save the day?  Why, Mr. Rob, our awesome and talented custodian!  Big thanks to Mr. Rob for getting his custodian buds to check those mysterious amps [...]

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Latest Art Show Selections

A few more student pieces have been selected for our upcoming 2011 Student Art Show. Congratulations, artists!

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Hot Wall Pockets

Finally had time to load the kiln this week – my fourth graders are dying to see their wall pockets that they began before Christmas break.  Here they are still in the kiln – too hot to handle! We’ll add a wire to hang them, and maybe some beads too.  Hope to send them home [...]

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Three More Art Show Selections

Third graders have finished up their clay pots, and three have been selected for our Spring 2011 Art Show. Here we have Kevin’s coil pot, Megan’s coil pot, and Corey’s Coil basket. Congratulations, artists!

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