Six Days of Clay….(Or, Oh My Achin’ Back!)

Today we wrapped up six straight days of clay projects in the art room – that’s over 500 projects and about 700 pounds of clay, whew!  And the work isn’t over yet…next it is on to bisque firing, glazing, and firing again.  (Sorry Georgetown…the electric bill for November and December might be a smidge higher than usual!)

Here’s an early peek at the clay projects Georgetown’s artists created this month.  Each grade learned a new clay building skill, including pinch pots, creating texture, rolling coils, and throwing a slab (always a favorite with 5th grade!)

Stay tuned for pictures of the finished pieces.

IMG_0980 IMG_0979 1st grade texture pinch pots


IMG_0889 IMG_0976 3rd grade coil turtles

IMG_0983 IMG_0977 4th grade lions

IMG_0982 IMG_0978 5th grade slab mirrors

IMG_0981 2nd grade frogs