Sheep and Sailboats

Two Georgetown artists had their art work selected for permanent display at the Hudsonville Public Schools Administrative Offices. These pieces were gifted to the Board of Education in honor of their service for our district schools.

Mason Weber, a first grader in Mrs. Smith’s class, gifted SHEEP IN A MEADOW, a piece he created when he was kindergartener in Mrs. Persch’s art class. Allison Pepper, a second grader in Mrs. Ray’s class, gifted her piece, MONET’s BOAT, to the Board of Education. Allison created this piece when she was in Mrs. Brouwer’s first grade art class.

It was an honor to celebrate these two great artists and our Board of Education!


Ribbit! Monet’s Frogs

Georgetown’s first grade artists recently finished these cute froggies after learning about the work of Claude Monet.  They were inspired by Geraldine Eischner’s book, “Where is the Frog?” and enjoyed looking for Antoinette the frog hiding in Monet’s famous water lily paintings.



First graders created a watery “Monet style” background, then cut out their frog drawings and glued them to their beautiful backgrounds.  The final step was adding a gorgeous water lily flower  – created from model magic with a fancy bead in the center.


IMG_0880 IMG_0881 IMG_0882 IMG_0883 IMG_0884


Special thanks to Mrs. Seitz over at Forest Grove’s “Art With Mrs. Seitz” for this project inspiration!


Claude Monet’s Frogs

First grade artists have been learning about the Impressionist work of Claude Monet.  As they examined Monet’s Japanese Bridge painting, they all wondered….where are the frogs on the lily pads?!

So…we created lily pads, blending our colors so it looked like the sun was shining on them, just like Monet might do.  They added little tissue paper flowers, and finished with these too-cute-for-words frogs.

Claude Monet’s “Water Lilies and Japanese Bridge”

Making just the right shade of “froggy green”.


Thanks to Pam over at Panther’s Palette for this project inspiration, my 1st graders loved it!