Kindergarten Mini Mondrians


At Hudsonville Public Schools, each elementary grade has at least three artists they are required to be introduced to. Kindergarten students learn about the Dutch artist Piet Mondrian. Mondrian is such a great artist for Kindergarteners to learn about because he painted with Primary colors and straight lines. He really liked horizontal and vertical lines. Kindergarteners at Georgetown Elementary created “Mini Mondrians” by using small squares of paper and gluing on strips of Primary colored construction paper. They glued four mini squares onto their large black square to create their project. Students were allowed to make an extra mini square to take home to show their family.




See more Mini Mondrians at our ARTSONIA on-line Art Gallery!

Week 3 In The Art Room

We are finishing up many projects in the art room, and beginning to hang our masterpieces in the hallways!  Please remember to LOOK UP above the lockers for our new artwork on display.

Fifth graders also started their creating their sketchbooks this week.  We talked about the many ways that artists use sketchbooks – including making quick drawings, taking notes, capturing our feelings, a place to practice, and my favorite idea…..DRAWING OUR THOUGHTS!


5th Graders enjoying their new sketchbooks.

We’ll finish assembling our sketchbooks soon, and keep them in the art room to use throughout the year.  Fourth graders are excited to begin making their sketchbooks too!

Radial Symmetry in the Art Room!Radial Symmetry

Third graders spent this week finishing up their study of Radial Symmetry in art.  Their junk bas relief sculptures are very fun – who knew all those markers in the dead marker box would become such interesting works of art!

radial symmetryradial symmetryradial symmetry

New Projects From the Art Room

We began many new projects in the art room this week!

Fifth Graders learned that “collage” comes from the French word “coller” which means “to glue”.  We began our collage project by painting and glueing words, burlap, and images from newspapers onto a canvas board.   Later you’ll see what our collage project will become!

Fourth Graders were excited to begin their guitars….we are ROCK STARS in the art room!  This project focuses on careful attention to detail, design, and color choice.

Third Graders learned several watercolor techniques, including wet-on-wet painting, drip painting, and the use of salt for texture and pattern.  We created cool color backgrounds and will begin painting pine trees using india ink during our next class.

Second Graders are learning about collage too….they are creating a collage fantasy spiral tree and will add model magic birds to their tree during our next session.  Tweet!  Oops, I mean Sweet!

First Graders are reviewing shapes as they create robots using metallic paint and colored pencils.  Mrs. Brouwer discovered that first graders know LOTS about robots…robots are shiny, they talk funny, they can shoot sparks from their fingers, and they can do jobs to help humans.

Kindergarteners are working on turtles this week.  Our turtles are made from many cut pieces of paper and we added wiggle eyes and buttons for extra texture.  Our Texture Turtles will be swimming home to you soon!   


This week in the Art Room….

The first week of February…and another busy week in the art room.  Here’s a look at some of the things we worked on this week!

Fifth graders were excited to begin painting their clay masks!  After finishing painting with acrylic paints, they will spend several classes adding raffia hair, beads, feathers, and other embellishments.

Fourth and Third graders added several coats of glaze to their clay wall pockets and clay coil pots.  These will go back in the kiln for another firing before we carefully wrap them and send these treasures home!

Second graders are looking at the art of Jim Dine, and painting “squiggle hearts” in the Pop Art style of Dine.  They are enjoying thinking about warm and cool colors as they paint with tempera paints.



First graders are doing “ketchup” (catch up!) projects, finishing several loose ends on their vehicles and warm/cool color experiments.  Some of us also began “Love Cats” decorated with….what else, hearts!

And finally, our kinders enjoyed painting hearts and practiced their folding and cutting skills as they cut hearts to frame their paintings!   



Why is Blue Dog Blue?

Third Graders are finishing up their study of Louisiana artist George Rodrigue, who has been painting “Blue Dog” since the 1980’s.  Since we have been learning about the art element of color in the 3rd grade, George Rodrigue’s exploration with color and words is a fun way to wrap up our color study.  We enjoyed Rodrigue’s book – take a peek here…and then see three of our own blue dog creations!    

 Rodrigue’s Book, “Why is Blue Dog Blue?”


Three of our “Blue Dog” third grade artists!





Kindergarten Color!

Our Kindergarten artists began exploring the element of color this week.  We learned about the primary colors (Red! Yellow! Blue!) and found out how to mix the secondary colors – orange, green, and violet – using the primary colors.  Then the fun began…we squished play-doh colors together to create new colors, and even figured out how to mix the color brown! 


 Color fun in the art room!