October in the Art Room

Here’s a look at what we’ve been creating in the art room this October – we’ve been very busy.

5th Graders are studying the work of Claude Monet and have been experimenting with his Impressionist style. Their artwork focuses on Monet’s interest in painting the bridge over his pond of waterlilies.

Day 29-Monet Picture Frames Monet Bridges Monet's Bridge Monet's Bridge

Fourth Graders are learning about the abstract art of Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky.  They love his “Several Circles No. 323” and are enjoying creating a large circle inspired piece using ink pens, stamps, crayons, and chalk.

Kandinsky circles

Third grade artists have been studying the work of abstract drip painter Action Jackson Pollock.  After creating their own messy drip paintings, I believe Action Jackson is a new favorite artist for third grade!

Action Jackson portrait and drip painting

Second graders have been learning about Vincent Van Gogh’s famous “Starry Night” painting.  They painted a starry night background, colored a foreground with crayons, and added textured buildings to their landscape.

Van Gogh Landscapes Starry Night

First graders have been busy creating “Shape Birds” that will be framed for our December Kids Art Fair.  They are excited to create a work of art that will be framed and matted for this art show!

Shape Birds Shape Birds

First Graders also completed their HUGE google-eye monsters – yikes!

Google Eye Monsters Google Eye Monsters

Mrs. Anderson’s third grade artists have been reading the funny story about “Pigasso and Mootise” (not to be confused with Picasso and Matisse!) and creating their own Pigassos.

Pigasso and Mootisse Pigasso

Some of our classes have been thinking about Halloween too – we’ve been drawing spiders and Frankie Frankensteins in first and second grade.

Spiders and Webs Frankie Frankensteins

And finally..Kindergarten artists have been learning how to draw great spirals as they complete their spiral snails.  Forgot to get a picture of their work….but just ask them, they will be glad to show you how they have become SPIRAL EXPERTS!

Week 4 In The Art Room

Our students are enjoying their Art Room Game Days this week!   Following all the art room rules earns us 10 minutes each art day….and when we accumulate enough minutes, we enjoy some games and free drawing time.  Our newest art room game is Jenga – it is a favorite of everyone, including Mrs. B!

Jenga Boys!



Weaving is also an art room favorite!

Week 3 In The Art Room

We are finishing up many projects in the art room, and beginning to hang our masterpieces in the hallways!  Please remember to LOOK UP above the lockers for our new artwork on display.

Fifth graders also started their creating their sketchbooks this week.  We talked about the many ways that artists use sketchbooks – including making quick drawings, taking notes, capturing our feelings, a place to practice, and my favorite idea…..DRAWING OUR THOUGHTS!


5th Graders enjoying their new sketchbooks.

We’ll finish assembling our sketchbooks soon, and keep them in the art room to use throughout the year.  Fourth graders are excited to begin making their sketchbooks too!

Radial Symmetry in the Art Room!Radial Symmetry

Third graders spent this week finishing up their study of Radial Symmetry in art.  Their junk bas relief sculptures are very fun – who knew all those markers in the dead marker box would become such interesting works of art!

radial symmetryradial symmetryradial symmetry

Twenty-one Boxes

A recent cleaning frenzy in my home studio unearthed a cool book filled with tiny little boxes to make.  The boxes are covered with designs by one of my favorite artists, M.C. Escher.  I spent a lazy summer afternoon popping out and folding up the boxes – some were quite challenging to fold!  Take a look…I think the boxes will soon become a hanging mobile for our Georgetown Art Room! 

News From The Art Room

We have been working hard to wrap up many projects in the art room over the last week.  Here are some of our latest projects!

Fifth graders finished their collage landscapes.  They learned that “throw away” items can be recycled into a beautiful collage as they repurposed old broken pencils into flower stems and used newspapers to create background texture on their landscapes.  They also created flowers using paper scraps and old fabric samples. 



Fourth graders are ROCK STARS and the envy of all the other grades at Georgetown—everyone wants to create a rock guitar like the fourth graders!  Take a look at some of our completed guitars!

Third graders have been listening to Mrs. Brouwer read the funny story about the Caveman Art Teacher.  As she reads, they are creating their own cave people with oil pastels. 

Second graders learned about the fore ground, middle ground, and back ground as they created a collage landscape with a pop-up snake in the grass!

First graders learned that masks aren’t just worn at Halloween….they discovered that people in other cultures wear masks to celebrate special ceremonies.  Then they brainstormed about other reasons we wear masks, such as for safety (doctors and athletes) as well as for fun and decoration.  They had great fun creating these cut paper collage masks.

Kindergartners have been thinking about spring flowers as they painted sweet spring landscapes…which I forgot to photograph – I’ll show one later!


News From the Art Room

The months of February and March are always very busy in the art room!  Our projects become a bit more complicated and we use a wide variety of art media as our students incorporate everything they have learned since September in their art making.  

Here’s a look at some of the projects we have been finishing up over the last two weeks.

Our kindergarten artists are using oil pastel and watercolors to create large colorful chickens.

First graders have been excited about their squids, the BIGGEST thing in the ocean – almost!  We painted our squids with tempera, drew into the tempera background with a squiggly tool, and are finishing up with careful shading around the edges with a black crayon.  Our squids are huge and wonderful!

Second graders have been looking at the work of Swiss artist Paul Klee.  They were quick to notice his use of texture and shape.  They have been creating a work in the style of Klee’s famous “Head of a Man”.  We used printed burlap for our background and are now drawing with layers of oil pastel.  Very messy and very cool!

Third graders are finishing up their study of Matisse with cut paper collage vases.  They are adding texture pieces made from model magic on top of the vases for extra visual interest.  Ask third graders about Matisse and the eye path….they love finding an artist’s eye path in their work!

Fourth grade reviewed the art element of line as they created a line drawing rug…and then added an outrageous collage bug….Bug on a Rug!


Fifth graders are excited to finally finish up their masks and take them home.  Mrs. Brouwer has put away the feathers and beads and yarn and raffia and glitter (whew!) in preparation for another 5th grade project next week!  We also squeezed in a little architecture project – we are dreaming of warmer weather and enjoyed creating small colorful island home drawings.