Where’s All The Art?!

Parents – are you wondering where we are hiding all your kiddos art?  And when we’ll be sending it home? Well…we have it safely stowed away in the art room.


Instead of picking up artwork during conferences this coming week, we will neatly bag it up and have it available for pick up in mid-May.  We will notify you of the pick up date in May!

In the meantime, you can check out our projects right here on our Art Blog. Can’t wait to see your student’s artwork?  Visit our Artsonia Kids Art Museum – we have over 2,800 student art pieces uploaded already this year!

Visit www.artsonia.com (here’s the LINK) .  Contact me (jbrouwer@hpseagles.net) if you need your child’s Artsonia key code access.

Smoosh-Free Student Art!

Georgetown Parents…thanks for stopping by the Art Room during conferences to pick up your child’s artwork!  We enjoyed seeing all of you and we LOVE being able to send home all that beautiful artwork unwrinkled and un-smooshed!

If you were not able to drop in, feel free to stop by the art room before or after school and we can help you out.  We will also have a final art pick up day during the last week of school.

~ Mrs. Brouwer & Mrs. Persch

IMG_6484 Stacks of art…ready to go!IMG_6486 IMG_6487