I’ve been using these boxes to illustrate the Art Elements and Principles with my students this year.  I piled them up in the window a while ago, and my kids are constantly shifting them around to suit their artistic whims.

I smiled today when I saw that someone had provided their version of …. Space!


Crazy Cactus Project

Fifth Graders began a Crazy Cactus art project this week.  The project is a great way to review the art elements; my 5th graders were amazed to find six of the seven art elements as they viewed my sample of the project.

Art Elements

We began by drawing a simple cactus with big black markers and adding patterns, then coloring in the patterns with crayon.  Next we rubbed chalk on the background, blending with a tissue for a softer look.  Next week we’ll add details with puffy Renkly paint and stick on the cactus spikes – more finished pictures to follow!

Crazy Cactus-5th Grade Crazy Cactus - 5th Grade Crazy Cactus - 5th Grade

This project is adapted from a great book – Dynamic Art Projects For Children. Dynamic Art Projects For Children