Artsonia Is Back!

Georgetown’s recent Third Grade Art Project is now featured on Artsonia, the world’s largest kids’ art museum.

Third grade’s “Button Project” was our first art project this year – a little line, shape, and color review.  The pieces uploaded to Artsonia are beautiful and well worth a look!  Third grade parents –  you will be receiving a “Parent Slip” home this week detailing how to access your child’s artwork on line.  You may leave comments for your child, let them enter and artist statement about the piece, and order custom items with the artwork printed on the piece.

The Georgetown Elementary Art Department receives 20% of the sales when you order items printed with your childs’ artwork.  Funds earned will be used to purchase ART BOOKS for the Art Room!

Look for more artwork from your child on Artsonia later this year!


I’ve been using these boxes to illustrate the Art Elements and Principles with my students this year.  I piled them up in the window a while ago, and my kids are constantly shifting them around to suit their artistic whims.

I smiled today when I saw that someone had provided their version of …. Space!


Crazy Cactus Project

Fifth Graders began a Crazy Cactus art project this week.  The project is a great way to review the art elements; my 5th graders were amazed to find six of the seven art elements as they viewed my sample of the project.

Art Elements

We began by drawing a simple cactus with big black markers and adding patterns, then coloring in the patterns with crayon.  Next we rubbed chalk on the background, blending with a tissue for a softer look.  Next week we’ll add details with puffy Renkly paint and stick on the cactus spikes – more finished pictures to follow!

Crazy Cactus-5th Grade Crazy Cactus - 5th Grade Crazy Cactus - 5th Grade

This project is adapted from a great book – Dynamic Art Projects For Children. Dynamic Art Projects For Children