Galler Houses

Third Grade artists have been working on a colorful architecture project in the style of American folk artist Heather Galler.  They learned that Galler is inspired by the things she loves, including animals, flowers, and houses.  After examining Galler’s house paintings from the New Orleans French Quarter and noticing the many details on these beautiful homes, they created their own “double gallery” New Orleans houses.

9e98a21d67fe3a8e6085484131623338 New Orleans House by Galler

Georgetown Galler inspired houses – aren’t they fabulous?

IMG_0550 IMG_0551 IMG_0552IMG_0549

See more of our 3rd Grade Galler Houses at our ARTSONIA on line art gallery here.

I CAN:  tell a friend three facts about New York folk artist Heather Galler; create an architectural house drawing in the style of Galler; Use color, line, shape, and pattern in my work.





First Grade Architects

First graders have been learning about architecture.  We looked at lots of interesting buildings and talked about why homes in other parts of the world look different.  My smart first graders figured out that the available building materials can determine how the architecture looks, such as igloos in cold northern countries and structures made of palm leaves and sticks in tropical environments.

My architects printed with cardboard and bottle caps dipped in black tempera paint, and added color with chalk to create these beautiful buildings.

Third Grade Architecture Study

Third grade artists have begun their study of Middle Eastern Art, our Cultural Focus for this school year.  We began by comparing and contrasting Middle Eastern architecture with buildings that we are familiar with here in Michigan.  Everyone was fascinated by the domes and arched doors of the Middle Eastern mosques, and could hardly wait to begin their own drawings, especially the fantastic “onion domes” that look like Hershey kisses.

Since I really wanted the beautiful drawings to stand out, we added our color to the background – with great results!


This project was inspired by “Fireworks” on Kajakas’ Photostream via Flickr.  See it here.


One more fun collage with circle close ups.