A Look Back…and Forward

Hi all…here’s a look back at some fun projects that I didn’t get a chance to share with you this past fall.

Kindergarten Mr. Mondrians!

Giant Georgetown Turkey.  Gobble Gobble.

 Kinders – puttin’ a little glaze on their clay tree ornaments.

Fourth Grade Calder sculptures

What’s coming up in 2017?  Grades 2-5 are really, really, really excited to start their clay projects when we return from break.  Kinders and Firsties will be learning about color and doing some interesting color experiments and projects.  And everyone will be exploring this year’s Cultural Focus: Africa.

In the meantime….

See you soon!

Appreciation For Our Solar Lights

In November, we engaged in a school wide service project called,  Mindful Giving.  This special project was a school wide endeavor with a focus on donating non-perishable items for our local Water of Life Food Pantry and the donation of $2 per child to support our global project, supplying solar lights for a school in  Uganda Africa.

Your donations brought in enough money to purchase 48 lights for the teachers and staff at Nyaka School!

Ali Portilo, the director of the K LIGHT project provided photos (here) of the staff receiving their lights.  It is a remarkable series of photos that demonstrate our ability to change lives through our mindful giving.  Thank you to everyone for making this possible!

Zebras – With a Twist

As a final wrap up to our African Cultural study, my third graders created these sweet little zebras.

We talked about why zebras are so beautifully marked (so predators can’t focus on an individual zebra to hunt in the herd) and looked at zebra patterns.  We drew our zebras on 9×12 tagboard, breaking them down into shapes – rounded rectangle body, triangle head – and traced around large tongue depressors for the legs.

Third Grade Zebra

The room was absolutely quiet as they filled in their black zebra patterns!  We added color with bright highlighter markers, cut them out, and fringed bright tag for the mane and tail.

Last step – printing a “zebra” border with cardboard dipped in tempera.  Aren’t they fun?!

Third Grade Zebra-Printing

Third Grade Zebras Third Grade Zebras Third Grade Zebras Third Grade Zebras Third Grade Zebras