The Collage Project


I always make an art-related goal for myself over the summer.  This year my (overly ambitious!) goal has been to create one small collage every day.   I have discovered that I work a little too slowly to produce a daily collage….but the process has brought me to my little upstairs studio each day and I am hooked on making these fun pieces of art!  I discovered that I need to give myself a “theme” for each group of collages…..this theme of recent collages is SEEING.  My next group has already seen influence from our garden…stay tuned for some Veggie Tale collages next!



Fun Days in the Art Room

Georgetown Artists have been enjoying Fun Days in the art room this week! Our students work toward their Fun Days by following art room rules and building up their fun time in 10 minute increments. All of our classes have achieved 50 minutes of fun time in art, which is amazing and really difficult to do!

During fun days we play games…Apples to Apples is a favorite! We also have been making valentines, building with Bug Bonz and Space Links, sketching from our drawing books, and an all-time favorite, drawing on giant pieces of paper supplied by one of our parents, Mrs. Stehouwer.

Some pictures of February Fun Days….


Art on Display at DJ’s Pizza!

Several times each year Georgetown student artwork is selected for display at DJ’s Pizza in downtown Hudsonville.  Fourth grader Yasmeen has her work hanging at DJ’s now….be sure to stop in for Pizza and check out their awesome wall of student creations.  DJ’s also gives each student a $5.00 pizza gift certificate – congratulations Yasmeen!


Yasmeen and her artwork, “Sparkle Light”