More Clay Projects

Georgetown artists are finishing up their clay projects that they began before the holiday break.  They have been anxiously waiting for their pieces to be fired in the kiln one more time after applying their glazes.  Here are some of the pieces that we are finishing up!

IMG_1700 IMG_1701 IMG_1703 Fifth Grade MirrorsIMG_1712 Second Grade Froggies – ready to fire

IMG_1488Third grade turtles – shells are glazed, legs and head are finished with watercolor.  Aren’t their shells beautiful!

IMG_1785 IMG_1786 IMG_1787 IMG_1788

Ten More…

A few more selections for the April HPS District Art Show, squeaking under the wire!  Congratulations, artists!

Kindergarten Green Eggs & Ham

CI Hand/Heart

Kindergarten Spring Chicks

2nd Grade Sunflowers

5th Grade Hundertwasser Thinking Spring


Middle Eastern Architecture Project – 5th Grade

Fifth grade artists are wrapping up their study of the Middle Eastern culture this week.  They looked at buildings found in the Middle Eastern culture and duplicated the towers, domes, and decorative tiles in their own architectural drawings.  They created beautiful miniature drawings using ultra fine markers, colored pencils, and crayon.

The final step was tricky, and the results – beautiful!  My students created a “doorway” from a clay slab to frame their drawings.  Their clay pieces included arabesques and geometric patterns that are used as decorative elements in Middle Eastern architecture.  The clay pieces were painted with watercolors and given a coat of Modge Podge for a bit of shine.

Up close look through the door.

Let The Artmaking Begin!

We are back to school today; it is good to see all those smiling faces!  My kiddos were happy to get busy with a fun line, shape, color, and pattern review project to get the creative ideas hopping – and these owls did the trick.  Whoooo wouldn’t love drawing up a few of these?

Clay Projects Continue…

We are continuing our clay projects in grades 3, 4, and 5 – students will begin adding glazes to their projects over the next few classes. Today we put the holiday music on and glazed our coil pots!

Third Grade coil pots Third grade pots filed and ready to glaze

Third Grade coil pots Third Grade coil pots Third Grade Coil Pots

Another picture of our Fifth Grade Trees – soon to be painted with brown watercolors and twigs added for “arms”.

Fifth Grade Clay Project

And…if you’d like to see a really neat clay Christmas Tree project, check out my fellow Hudsonville art teacher’s blog – Mrs. Bandstra over at Alward Elementary –  Mrs. Bandstra’s Art Room.

Really, Really Large Mona Lisas!

Fifth grade artists have been learning about the work of American artist Chuck Close.  They were interested to see the way C lose created his realistic portraits by painting colors and shapes in small grids or squares.  Fifth graders used a grid technique to create their own portrait of Davinci’s famous Mona Lisa, enlarging a small photograph to a wall-sized portrait rendered in oil pastels.  Each student created a piece of the larger picture, and they had a blast assembling their large portrait and putting their Mona Lisa puzzle back together!

Mona Lisa

Assembling Mona Lisa Assembling Mona LisaMona Lisa

Mona Lisa