New Art Show Selections

Check out the latest Georgetown selections for our upcoming HPS Student Art Show!         Congratulations, G-Town artists!  

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We’ve Been Busy!

Check out all the gorgeous winter-themed art we’ve been creating!   5th Grade Pines 4th Grade Polka Dot Poinsettias   3rd Grade Winter Pines   2nd Grade Winter Owls   1st Grade Cardinals   Kindergarten Winter Shapes Parents – you can find more winter art, along with your child’s entire gallery of artwork at our on-line […]

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What’s YOUR Name?

Our first big art projects this year are all about NAMES!  Each grade level is learning a different way to write their names – 1st and 2nd grades are learning BUBBLE LETTERS, 3rd is learning BLOCK LETTERS, and grades 4 and 5 are learning how to write their name in CURSIVE.  Students then added the […]

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Mexican Suns, 4th Grade Style!

Georgetown’s Fourth Graders created these colorful Aztec Sun images while learning about the culture of Mexico and Central America.  After drawing their images on paper, they traced onto coffee filters and painted with watercolors.  Their smiling suns really brighten our cafeteria!

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More Art Room Celebrations!

As the school year winds down, we are recognizing and celebrating the work of a few more Georgetown artists. Kiara’s “Winter Trees” art piece will be featured in 2015 during School Board Recognition month.  Her work will be displayed in the board meeting room and enjoyed by our school board members.  Congrats, Kiara! Two Georgetown […]

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The Cactus Project

Fourth grade artists created these beautiful bowls filled with cacti during their study of Mexico.  This project incorporated several important art goals:  learning about zentangles and creating a zentangle bowl; learning the names and drawing a variety of cactus plants; the use of shading techniques to create a realistic cactus plant; and creating visual interest […]

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More Georgetown Masterpieces

Here are our most recent District Art Show selections.  The show is coming up soon; visit our HPS Art Program website for more information! Congratulations, Artists!

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Mondrian + Kandinsky = ABSTRACT ART!

Fourth grade artists have really been flexing their art muscles this month!  Their latest creations combine their understanding of the abstract art of Mondrian and Kandinsky, plus their recent study of color families, AND our school goal of improving number sense and fractions.  Whew! After viewing work by Mondrian and Kandinsky, students discussed how both […]

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Five Lions, Four Turtles.

The latest 2014 HPS District Art Show selections from our Georgetown artists!   HPS ART SHOW Information – click HERE!

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One Last Clay Project

Fourth Grade artists were really, really excited to finally take their clay lions home! We began our lions WAY before Christmas break, but with many snow days and over 600 pieces to fire in our little kiln, the lions have been slow to finish.  BUT well worth the wait, as you can see!

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