Recent Art Show Selections!

Here are more selections for our upcoming Hudsonville Student Art Show!  

 Third grade pine trees

 Great First grade robots!

 Second grade “Tree of Life” with model magic birds

Kindergarten Chicken and Paul Klee inspired “Head of a Man”

 Bugs on a Rug

 Fifth Grade Recycle Collages

 First Grade Collage Mask

Matisse Pattern Vases


Fourth Graders Explore Edgar Degas

Our Fourth Graders recently finished up their study of French Impressionist artist Edgar Degas.  They learned that Degas was interested in capturing movement, which is one of the reasons he chose to draw ballet dancers.  Our fourth graders learned several ways to draw human figures – quick gesture drawings, drawing wooden mannequins to understand body proportion, and drawing from life as they posed for each other.

Their completed project features mannequin drawings done in grease pencil along with a portrait of Edgar Degas.   Here are four masterpieces that will be included in our upcoming April Hudsonville Student Art Show!