What’s In The Bag?

What to do when half of your class is finished with a project, and some students need a little more time to finish up?  Have a little fun with some mystery drawing, of course!

Fifth graders used their sense of touch to describe and draw mystery objects hidden in paper bags.  There was lots of giggling and funny faces as each student felt the item in their bag, described it to their classmates, took notes, and finally tried to draw their object without looking at it.

img_1413 img_1414 img_1415 img_1416 img_1420

This exercise was a perfect way to give my students a new way to explore drawing and challenge their powers of observation – and to work as a team to create their sketches!

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Turkey Time

Georgetown kindergarten artists have been learning about the art element of line.  They had a blast painting lots of different lines.


Their line paintings were cut into turkey feathers and carefully glued to these cute turkey portraits.  Don’t they just make you smile?  Gobble gobble!

img_1453 img_1455 img_1580 img_1581 img_1582 img_1583 img_1584 img_1637

I can:

Paint 5 or more different lines; hold a brush correctly; use scissors and glue with care.

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New from our Fourth Graders – Still Life With Zentangles

Fourth grade artists are wrapping up their first big project – a still life drawing with a zentangle background.  After viewing the still life paintings of Cezanne, Pop artist Roy Lichtenstein’s “Still Life with Crystal Bowl” became our inspiration piece.


Fourth graders carefully drew their vases and colored them with crayons. They added bright fruits, coloring them with markers and remembering to add the special highlight on the fruit to give it a modern, almost cartoonish look.

img_1156 img_1157 img_1158 img_1161 img_1162

Their still life drawings were completed with Zentangle line drawings.  After practicing different Zentangles in their sketchbooks, they added their favorites to the background and foreground of their pieces.

img_1040 img_1041 img_1042 img_1043

img_1359 img_1360 img_1362 img_1364

See more 4th grade still life drawings at our Artsonia gallery!

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First Grade Black Cats

Firsties focused on their cutting and glueing skills while creating these fun black cats!

img_1038 img_1037 img_1035

We learned how to hold our scissors and to cut carefully…..


No Glue Monsters here…just a dot, not a lot!


We learned how to make curly whiskers, and zig-zag folded whiskers too!

img_1188 img_1189 img_1190

“Most fun art project ever!” say Georgetown’s first graders!

img_1033 img_1191 img_1034

I Can…use careful and correct cutting, glueing, and paper folding skills



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Kindergarten Texture Spiders

Kindergarteners know lots of cool things about spiders!  We talked about spiders that jump, what spiders eat for lunch (flies, of course), and counted how many legs a spider has.  We read Eric Carle’s “The Very Busy Spider” and made some awesome fuzzy spiders.


Kindergarten artists learned about the art element of texture as they created their spooky spiders.  After they were given their fabric spider bodies, Kinders used their weekly vocabulary word describe to tell each other the texture they could feel on their spider bodies.  They were excited to think up new “feels like” words including fuzzy, soft, furry, squishy, and even the scratchy texture on the underside of their fabric.

Kinders followed many directions to cut spider eyes and fangs, and loved folding and rolling paper to make fancy spider legs.  They made sure they were not “glue monsters” as they glued their spider parts using “just a dot, not a lot”.

img_1028 img_1045 img_1050 img_1065

I CAN: describe texture, use scissors correctly, use careful glueing skills

Special thanks to Tina for the fabulously furry spider idea!

See more Kindergarten Texture Spiders on our ARTSONIA website!

img_1047 img_1054

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All About Pattern and Color

What to do with six back-to-back 25 minute art classes?  Grades K-5 created these awesome pattern drawings during our September early release half-day.  It turned out to be a relaxing morning of art making…my kiddos came in, sat down, and just added patterns and colors to large drawings of leaves, pumpkins, and other designs.  They were free to wander from table to table, choosing the drawings that they wanted to work on…kind of like adding color to giant coloring book pages!  As one of my kinders said: “This is fun, Mrs. B, we should do this every day in art!”.


Here’s a little video of our morning in the art room.

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From the GTown Art Room…

It’s been a busy first couple of weeks in our Georgetown art room!  Here’s a look at what we’ve done in the last 9 days since school began.

img_0961 We did this!


Quarter circles – we put them together to make some fancy circles.

img_0959 img_0960

We talked about three big Art Elements and read an awesome book – because we are all MAGNIFICENT artists!

img_0957 img_0958

Kinders and Firsties drew their favorite things and made table tags to help Mrs. B. learn ALL their names!  Yikes, I have lots of leaning to do.


Fourth and Fifth graders put new pages in their sketchbooks and did some drawing.

img_0962 img_0963

Third graders described warm and cool colors and began a new watercolor project.

img_0968 img_0969

Second graders began torn paper masks (mean Mrs. Brouwer took their scissors away and ugh, they had to TEAR the paper!).  No Glue Monsters allowed for this project!

img_0966 img_0967 img_0970

Kinders met Mr. Mondrian and practiced their cutting skills to create their own Mondrian Broadway Boogie Woogies.

And Firsties began a cool Picasso project….but I was too busy to take pictures – more later.

Whew!  And that is just the first nine days folks!


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Ready, Set…GO!

Georgetown artists, are you ready for another school year to begin?  Mr. Rob has the Art Room all polished up and ready for us to…well…. get out the messy materials and get started making more art.

IMG_0916 IMG_0918 IMG_0924

The wooden mannequins are dusted off and ready to greet you…along with Mona Lisa!



Don’t forget to stop by the Art Room during Georgetown’s Open House Tuesday, August 30 from 6:30-7:30 PM.  In the meantime, remember to…


See you soon, friends!

Mrs. Brouwer


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One More Project

Our final project this year was a stunner – AND it helped me use up all the odd bits of tempera paint in the paint cupboard.  (Little known art fact – old tempera paint does NOT keep over the summer…peee-yew to smelly paint in the paint cupboard!)


Students traced circles on long banner paper, then each student was given one color and a brush, and moved around the room painting their color on all the banners.  The final step on our group project was to add extra dots and embellish the circles, and finish with a black painted background.

IMG_0848 IMG_0849 IMG_0873 IMG_0874 IMG_0875 IMG_0876 IMG_0883 IMG_0885

Best of all…our finished banners are now on display in our art room; aren’t they great?  (Let’s not talk about Mrs. Brouwer climbing to the top of the 20 foot ladder and hanging on tight while slinging these over the metal ceiling support bars…all while muttering to herself, “don’t look down….don’t look down”…)

IMG_0909 IMG_0910 IMG_0911

With the new banners in place and the art room packed up after another year, it is time to enjoy a break.  I’ll see you all this September – don’t forget to visit us on ARTSONIA, where you’ll find over 13,000 of our art masterpieces on display!  ~Mrs. Brouwer

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Georgetown Parent Club – Feelin’ The Love

An extra loud shout-out to…Georgetown Parent Club!  HUGE thanks for supporting one of my favorite projects at Georgetown Elementary – our collection of student artwork that is displayed throughout our building.  Each year our parent club provides funds to professionally frame student art pieces; we now have over 70 works of art hanging in our hallways for students and visitors to enjoy.  Here are a few of our latest additions.

IMG_0302 IMG_0303 IMG_0308 IMG_0309 IMG_0502

THANKS Georgetown PTC – we love ya!

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