Blue Dog Portraits

Third grade artists created these beautiful “Blue Dogs” after learning about Louisiana artist George Rodrigue and his fun “Blue Dog” paintings.

IMG_6650 IMG_6651 IMG_6670 IMG_6671 IMG_6700

Coloring our Rodrigue dogs with oil pastels and painting the background with tempera paint.

IMG_6993 IMG_7098 IMG_7441 IMG_7450 IMG_7455

A few of our colorful dogs – one of the things the students enjoyed the most was giving their dog a special name and putting it on the dog collar!  See more of this project on our ARTSONIA on line art gallery!

Learning goals:

I can tell a friend two facts about artist George Rodrigue.

I can draw a “Blue Dog” in the style of Rodrigue.

I can use color in a creative and thoughtful way to complete my dog portrait.

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Learning About the Micmac

Georgetown’s fifth graders have been learning about North American art and artists.  They explored the art of Phillip Young from New Brunswick, Canada.  Young, a member of the Micmac Fist Nations Tribe, combined new art techniques with traditional Micmac symbols and images to represent his family heritage in his art pieces.

Our artists created their work in the style of Young, learning two new painting techniques – sponge painting and scribing into wet paint with a special tool to create symbols and images.  Their circular central pieces were carefully painted with India Ink and include traditional Micmac designs and patterns, including images from nature and designs found on Micmac quillwork baskets.

IMG_6854 IMG_6859 IMG_6877 IMG_6881

Learning goals:

* Identify traditional Micmac First Nations symbols and art

* Learn and use two painting methods: sponge painting and scribing into wet paint

* Create a heritage piece in the style of Phillip Young

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Kindergarten Peacocks

There are flocks of peacocks popping up in the Kindergarten hallway! The Kindergarten artists created these amazing peacocks after studying the artist Eric Carle. They discovered that Eric Carle wrote and illustrated many of their favorite picture books. After a fun and messy session of painting papers, the students cut their papers to create their peacocks.




Learning goals:

I can identify the art of Eric Carle

I can use warm and cool colors to create a peacock

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Gone Fishin’

Georgetown second grade artists have completed one of my favorite new projects..ever!

They created these sweet little clay fishies and carefully glazed them with beautiful patterns.  Each child made three fish, adding interesting texture by pressing pasta into the wet clay.

IMG_6474 IMG_6475

search Norman Rockwell “The Fishing Trip”

After learning a little bit about the famous American artist Norman Rockwell, who illustrated several magazine covers with fish related images, students created a “fish paper” background, strung their fish using a tricky slip knot, and placed them on the background for display.  Fun fact – we used sepia paint to make the fish paper look “antique”.  Sepia paint used to be made with a brownish pigment gathered from the ink sacs of…wait for it…cuttlefish!

IMG_6476 IMG_6477 IMG_6478 IMG_6479


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New Clay Projects

Third and Fourth Grade G-Town artists are wrapping up their clay projects and are excited to show them off!

Third graders created coil pots and turned them into bird nests by squeezing clay through a garlic press; they loved creating the squiggly looking nest tops.


They created colorful birds, eggs, and baby birds using Model Magic.  What child doesn’t love a nest full of birds?!

IMG_6345 IMG_6346 IMG_6347 IMG_6348

Fourth Graders created fun little face pinch pots, and added awesome felt hats.  Each pinch pot has such character – every one of them makes me smile!


IMG_6445 IMG_6446 IMG_6447

Inspiration for this project is from Fem Manuals blog – check out their darling face pots with hats too!

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Smoosh-Free Student Art!

Georgetown Parents…thanks for stopping by the Art Room during conferences to pick up your child’s artwork!  We enjoyed seeing all of you and we LOVE being able to send home all that beautiful artwork unwrinkled and un-smooshed!

If you were not able to drop in, feel free to stop by the art room before or after school and we can help you out.  We will also have a final art pick up day during the last week of school.

~ Mrs. Brouwer & Mrs. Persch

IMG_6484 Stacks of art…ready to go!IMG_6486 IMG_6487

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