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Smiling Faces…

Lots of smiling faces from Georgetown’s Artist Reception Thursday night at the HPS District Art Show!  Take a look – it was a great night!

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Kindergarten Peacocks

There are flocks of peacocks popping up in the Kindergarten hallway! The Kindergarten artists created these amazing peacocks after studying the artist Eric Carle. They discovered that Eric Carle wrote and illustrated many of their favorite picture books. After a fun and messy session of painting papers, the students cut their papers to create their […]

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Almost Ready!

Mrs. Persch and I spent a busy Saturday afternoon getting artwork ready for the upcoming HPS District Art Show.  Still more work to do…but we are making good progress!  

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Smoosh-Free Student Art!

Georgetown Parents…thanks for stopping by the Art Room during conferences to pick up your child’s artwork!  We enjoyed seeing all of you and we LOVE being able to send home all that beautiful artwork unwrinkled and un-smooshed! If you were not able to drop in, feel free to stop by the art room before or after […]

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Kindergarten Paul Klee Cats

The Kindergarten artists have been busy learning about the Swiss painter, Paul Klee. Paul Klee’s paintings were very childlike with bright colors like the color he saw when he visited Africa.                                         His famous painting entitled Cat and Bird was the inspiration for this project. After drawing their cat and bird, Kindergarteners chose bright watercolors to add color. They finished […]

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Continue Reading 2 comments February 5, 2015

Kindergarten Winter Shapes

Kindergarten artists have been busy cutting and gluing shapes to create these beautiful winter scenes. After painting the background sky, the artists cut common shapes to build trees and houses. These projects have brightened up our hallways on our gloomy December days. See more of these Kindergarten Winter Shapes at our ARTSONIA site!  

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Continue Reading Add comment December 9, 2014

First Graders Meet James Rizzi

First grade artists explored the art of American Pop Artist James Rizzi, who is known for his brightly colored playful paintings.  Our kiddos were delighted by his buildings with faces and spent part of their art class looking at Rizzi’s art and discussing the many objects found in his art, including birds, hearts, and buildings. […]

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Continue Reading Add comment November 17, 2014

First Grade Color Fun

First grade artists have been playing around with color!  They recently learned about primary and secondary colors and did a little “non-messy” color mixing by rubbing over paint that had been covered with plastic wrap.  They were excited to see the colors change from red, yellow, and blue to purple, green and orange as they […]

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2nd Grade Tigers

After learning about the life and art of Henri Rousseau, 2nd graders at Georgetown created these ferocious tigers in the style of Rousseau.  They learned that Rousseau liked to paint jungle scenes with wild animals even though he had never been to the jungle or had ever seen a wild animal. First the artists drew […]

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Continue Reading 2 comments November 11, 2014

Kindergarten Secondary Pumpkins

Kindergarten artists are learning about Primary and Secondary colors. Students were given play dough in Primary colors and found out that Primary colors can mix together to form new colors we call Secondary colors. Students then drew pumpkins on paper and were given paint in Primary colors. They mixed the yellow and red paint on […]

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