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Kindergarten Mini Mondrians

At Hudsonville Public Schools, each elementary grade has at least three artists they are required to be introduced to. Kindergarten students learn about the Dutch artist Piet Mondrian. Mondrian is such a great artist for Kindergarteners to learn about because he painted with Primary colors and straight lines. He really liked horizontal and vertical lines. Kindergarteners at [...]

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Kindergarten Line Fish

Kindergarten students began the year learning about the art element, Line. They learned what a line was and that they use different kinds of lines every day. They were allowed to explore drawing different kinds of lines. After hearing the story Only One You by Linda Kranz, each student created their own fish and decorated it with thick, thin, curvy, [...]

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ArtPrize 2014

Mrs. Persch and I visited ArtPrize last week.  Here are some of the works of art we enjoyed! This little video from Pure Michigan is neat too! Hope everyone gets a chance to see some of the ArtPrize entries!          

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Up, Up, and Away!

Second grade artists reviewed the art element of LINE as they created these gorgeous hot air balloons.  After adding all the lines they could dream up, they carefully added color using watercolor paint.   And of course these beautiful balloons needed to float in the sky…so our artists chose just the right map from an [...]

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First Grade Trees

WE CAN….make many, many kinds of lines!  First graders learned about one of our most important art elements – LINE.  They practiced making oodles of different kinds of lines, including zig-zag, mouse ears, roller coaster, castle, and cloud. After tracing their hands to create their “tree”, lines and color were added.  Then they were challenged [...]

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All That Beautiful ART!

Georgetown’s artists are busy creating beautiful works of art,  and the artwork is…piling up! Mrs. Persch and I will be trying a new system this year to send your child’s artwork home.  The art pieces that our artists have put their heart and soul into creating are often crammed into backpacks or folded into little [...]

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And…Here We Go!

Hello everyone – we are off and running with another year of creativity at Georgetown! This year is extra exciting because we have added another ART ROOM for Mrs. Persch – right next door to Mrs. Brouwer’s art room!  Mrs. Persch teaches all four Kindergarten art classes, plus Mrs. Woodring’s 1st grade and Mrs. Greenlund’s [...]

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Welcome Back!

Hello Georgetown Artists! Mrs. Brouwer and Mrs. Persch would like to welcome you to Georgetown! We’ve been busy getting two art rooms ready for you – yes, you read that right, TWO ART ROOMS! Mrs. Persch will also have an art room this year and will teach Kindergarten and one 1st and 2nd grade at [...]

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Kindergarten Snails

Kindergarten artists worked with Model Magic to create these wonderful snails. The artists had so much fun coloring their white model magic with markers before creating their snails. Students learned how to knead the marker color into their clay to create bright colors. They also worked on rolling the clay into a ball and creating a [...]

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Kindergarten Self-Portraits

Kindergarten artists created these special self-portraits to give their moms for Mother’s Day. The artists learned that a self-portrait is a drawing or painting of themselves. I love the innocence of Kindergarten drawings, and knew their moms would love their drawings too.  I struggled with directing the students too much so all the portraits looked [...]

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