A Final Look at the ART SHOW!

Couldn’t resist…here’s a final look at some of our Georgetown students with their masterpieces at the 2010 Hudsonville Student Art Show.  One look at these happy, proud faces and you know why we do what we do!

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Hanging the Art Show

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A few comments from last week’s student art show….

WOW!  How many pieces of art are there in here anyway?! (over 1,200!

2010 Art Show 064 2010 Art Show 052 Two of the 1,200!

How long does it take you guys to hang all this art?!

(Well – we spend HOURS getting the art framed and ready to hang – and it takes about a day to hang the show.   This year we were lucky to have the help of six energetic High School artists, thanks guys and gals!!)

2010 Art Show 024 Our student ladder-climbers and table shufflers!  We are forever grateful!

MMMM POPCORN!  How many bags have you popped tonight?!

(We are on bag 625 now, 150 to go before we quit for the night….that’s about 100 pounds of popcorn popped over three nights, yikes!)

2010 Art Show 049_1 Fellow art teachers Lisa, Denise, and Maggie poppin’ away.

Wow, you can’t believe how many people are in the parking lot…we had to park 6 blocks away!  How many people does this room hold anyway??

(Standing Room Only!!  Don’t go in if you are claustrophobic!)

I can’t find my artwork…where can it be?

(Keep looking….only 1,198 pieces to go!)

2010 Art Show 001_1

Found it – ta-daaaa!

2010 Art Show 021_1

And a few of our famous, talented, and proud Georgetown Artists!

2010 Art Show 048_1 2010 Art Show 050_1 2010 Art Show 025_1 2010 Art Show 009_1

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More Art Show Pictures

Our 10th Annual Student Art Show was a huge success, with over 2,400 students and their families attending the artist receptions the evenings of 4/26, 4/27, and 4/28.  Crowds filled the gallery, and excited students munched popcorn (popped and served up by the elementary art teachers!!) as they searched through the 1,200 works of art on display for their own masterpiece!

Here are a few more pictures from the show, with more to follow soon.

2010 Art Show 068 2010 Art Show 065 2010 Art Show 069 2010 Art Show 063 2010 Art Show 062 2010 Art Show 047 2010 Art Show 029 2010 Art Show 026 2010 Art Show 030

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More Art Show Selections

We are winding down for a much needed week off for spring break!  Here are some of our last selections for our April Student Art Show.  Mark your calendars – this big event is held  April 26 – 29.  The special artist reception for our Georgetown students will be Monday, April 26 from 5:30-7:30 PM – artists, look for your invitations the week of April 12th!

Robot Tropical Bird Tropical Bird

Glamour Girl Self Portrait Nate is in the HouseSelf-portrait

Love these portraits so much – here are some close ups; the 4th graders wrote such interesting things about themselves.


Glamour Girl up close

Self-Portrait close up

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