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Almost Ready!

Mrs. Persch and I spent a busy Saturday afternoon getting artwork ready for the upcoming HPS District Art Show.  Still more work to do…but we are making good progress!  

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Chillin’ In The Art Room

Georgetown fourth grade artists have been crazy busy in the art room as they finish up projects before spring break.  It is great to see them enjoying some much deserved down time!

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Gone Fishin’

Georgetown second grade artists have completed one of my favorite new projects..ever! They created these sweet little clay fishies and carefully glazed them with beautiful patterns.  Each child made three fish, adding interesting texture by pressing pasta into the wet clay.  Norman Rockwell “The Fishing Trip” After learning a little bit about the famous American […]

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New Clay Projects

Third and Fourth Grade G-Town artists are wrapping up their clay projects and are excited to show them off! Third graders created coil pots and turned them into bird nests by squeezing clay through a garlic press; they loved creating the squiggly looking nest tops. They created colorful birds, eggs, and baby birds using Model […]

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Smoosh-Free Student Art!

Georgetown Parents…thanks for stopping by the Art Room during conferences to pick up your child’s artwork!  We enjoyed seeing all of you and we LOVE being able to send home all that beautiful artwork unwrinkled and un-smooshed! If you were not able to drop in, feel free to stop by the art room before or after […]

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2015 Cultural Focus – North America

Each year, Georgetown artists focus in-depth on a different culture.  Last year we explored Mexico and South America; this year we are “staying home” and learning about the art found in North America! We began our 2015 cultural focus by brainstorming American symbols of freedom – each grade created an art piece based on a […]

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Five More for the Art Show!

Five more for the HPS Art Show!  These awesome clay knee bowls were created by our 5th grade artists.  Congratulations, artists!  See you at the art show in April – find more Art Show information HERE!   I’ve seen directions for knee bowls on several art blogs; not sure who to credit for this fun […]

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Critique…and Curate!

Parents!  Don’t forget to stop by the art room during conferences next week to pick up your kid’s artwork! Georgetown artists have been busy this week getting their artwork ready for parents to take home.  After sorting all of their art pieces, they learned how to CRITIQUE (talk about) and CURATE (choose one best piece) their work. Students focused on using their […]

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Inspired by Kandinsky

Georgetown fourth grade artists have been learning about the work of Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky.  Inspired by his “Composition VIII”, they traced circles and masked off lined areas on their watercolor paper as they explored creating an art piece in the style of Kandinsky.  Composition VIII This great little video really brought this painting to life! Their finished […]

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More for the Art Show!

Our annual HPS Student Art Show is coming up!  The show features over 700 works of art from grades K-12, including 100 masterpieces from Georgetown’s finest! The show is held at the Hudsonville City Hall reception room and will run from April 20-28, 2015.  Georgetown artists will have a special reception from 5:30-7:30 PM on […]

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