Latest 2014 Art Show Selections

Congratulations, Georgetown artists – here are the most recent selections for our 2014 District Art Show. Fourth Grade Owl Stuffies,  First Grade Monet’s Frog, Fifth Grade Dali Portraits, Second Grade Matisse Windows                                               […]

Announcing….the 2014 HPS Student Art Show!

Get ready – our first student selections for the Spring 2014 Student Art Show are ready for a sneak peek! First – the details – mark your calendars, folks!  We are excited to share that we have extended our HPS Student Art Show from four days to SEVEN FULL DAYS!  The extended show dates will […]

Kindergarten Mini Mondrians

At Hudsonville Public Schools, each elementary grade has at least three artists they are required to be introduced to. Kindergarten students learn about the Dutch artist Piet Mondrian. Mondrian is such a great artist for Kindergarteners to learn about because he painted with Primary colors and straight lines. He really liked horizontal and vertical lines. Kindergarteners at […]

Four More Art Show Selections

Four first grade artists were pretty excited to learn that their Aztec Suns have been selected for our April HPS District Art Show – congrats, artists!   Visit our HPS Art Department website for more ART SHOW INFORMATION. See more of these beautiful sun paintings at our ARTSONIA on-line art museum!