3 thoughts on “Middle Eastern Architecture

  1. Hello! These drawings are beautiful! Very fun and inspirational. I notice the kids have used color for the background but left the buildings just black and white (a cool effect) From a teaching perspective, I am curious how you presented this to them? Did you simply tell them not to use color for the architecture? What would the reasoning for this be? I can imagine my students wanting to use color everywhere! Thanks so much! 🌸

  2. Hi Nicole – thanks for your comments! The purpose of leaving the buildings white was to focus on the art principle of emphasis…by leaving the buildings white, the background color was supposed to visually push the buildings forward and give them more importance and emphasis in the piece. I did have a couple of students color the buildings too…no big deal. Most kids just focused on the background and seemed to understand the reason for leaving the buildings white.

  3. Thank you, Josette! I understand, and do see how nicely that effect works! The results are fantastic 🙂

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