Surrealism Is….

This is how Georgetown’s Fifth Graders describe Surrealism: kind of creepy.  Sort of silly.  Like the strangest dream you’ve ever had. Unreal.  Bizarre. Fantastic.  Odd.  Sweet but…strange.

They created surreal portraits after viewing the work Surreal artist Salvadore Dali.

url Salvadore Dali

imgres Dali’s well-known “Persistence of Memory”

Check out their sort of sweet, sort of creepy Surreal portraits!

IMG_8204 IMG_8203 IMG_8202 IMG_8201

IMG_8497 IMG_8503 IMG_8516

I Can:

Explain the Surrealist art movement

Tell two facts about Salvadore Dali

Create a work of art based on Surrealism




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