Kindergarten Peacocks

There are flocks of peacocks popping up in the Kindergarten hallway! The Kindergarten artists created these amazing peacocks after studying the artist Eric Carle. They discovered that Eric Carle wrote and illustrated many of their favorite picture books. After a fun and messy session of painting papers, the students cut their papers to create their peacocks.




Learning goals:

I can identify the art of Eric Carle

I can use warm and cool colors to create a peacock

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2 thoughts on “Kindergarten Peacocks

  1. I love this! Thanks for the great lesson resource on Kindergarten!!! I always find them to be my biggest challenge with planning and everything else, lol. Did you give them a template to trace and cut the body and feathers?

  2. Thanks Kim! My fellow art teacher Heather did this project with her Kinders. She did use a template for the kiddos to trace the body and feathers, and many kiddos used their scraps for smaller feathers too.

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