2nd Grade Tigers


After learning about the life and art of Henri Rousseau, 2nd graders at Georgetown created these ferocious tigers in the style of Rousseau.  They learned that Rousseau liked to paint jungle scenes with wild animals even though he had never been to the jungle or had ever seen a wild animal. First the artists drew the tiger and painted it. Then they painted and cut out flowers and leaves to create a jungle scene. These tigers turned out great even though none of these artists had ever been to the jungle either!



See more of our ferocious tigers at our Artsonia On-Line Art Gallery!

There are lots of tiger projects out there on art blogs – we’d like to thank Alum Creek Elementary School’s Artsonia page for our project inspiration! See their page here.


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2 thoughts on “2nd Grade Tigers

  1. Hi Wendy – yes we did! And…I don’t do this often, but the kids were having a difficult time getting the size of the head right to start. So we lightly traced a round head shape first, then did a directed draw – nose, eyes, cheeks, and chin. They then erased the circle lines around the cheeks and continued on their own with the ears, stripes and body, referring to my sample. The kids really enjoyed this project, and have been drawing tigers on their own non-stop!

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