Best Pencil Sharpeners….EVER

Guess what showed up on my doorstep over the weekend?  (Besides a couple of feet of snow!)

Three of the BEST pencil sharpeners ever, compliments of the Georgetown PTC and their Christmas gift to every teacher – an Amazon Gift Card!

The Carl Angel 5 Sharpener is the most wonderful manual sharpener….and the Carl people are NOT paying me to say that!  I was so happy to receive them that I ran around the house sharpening every pencil I could find.  Just look at those beautiful sharp pencil points!  Can’t wait to put the three Carls to use in the art room.

Hugs to our awesome PTC…muuwah!  Love you!

IMG_1917 Looky how sharp!!



Ok, I’m a geek – but you can watch the Carl Angel 5 in action right here!


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