Georgetown Artists SHINE at our 2013 District Art Show!

A huge thank you to everyone who visited our annual District Art Show this week!  We had a fantastic turn out – we packed the City Hall reception room!   Thanks to all of you for your support of our art program.  Here’s a last look at the show!

And one more….from our Principal, Mrs. Reagan!

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6 thoughts on “Georgetown Artists SHINE at our 2013 District Art Show!

  1. Hi Mrs. Brouwer! I have a couple of questions about your art show video.
    First, I see that some of the projects are hung together. What is holding them together? It sort of looks like O rings?
    2. There is a project that I really like. It is at the 1:00 minute mark and the 1:25 mark , I think. I would like to know what you used as your inspiration for the project and the media that you use. It has a wide line near the center that recedes surrounded by vertical lines and a few horizontal at the top.
    I enjoy your blog and look forward to next school year! Thank you ! Jennifer

  2. I’m so inspired! Thank you so much for sharing your passion for art education with us all. The video was super fun!

  3. Ted, you will love Animoto…you can do 30 second vids for FREE – the longer ones cost some $$. You just upload your pix, choose some tunes, and bam, you have a sweet video!

  4. Hi Jennifer! Here goes: The artwork is strung together with jute twine. O rings would work too, but we suspend the panels from the ceiling and it might become too heavy with the rings. So we just use string and knot the artwork together. The art piece you’re wondering about is inspired by Paul Klee’s “Highway and Byways”. This project involved measuring and thinking about fractions as the kids divided up their paper, and ties in to our school goal of encouraging the students to work with fractions in all classes. The kids painted with watercolor on an 8 1/2 x 14 piece of copy paper. Before giving them the paper, I photocopied pages from a book so there would be a background of text and symbols on their work. The kids also rubbed crayons – warm or cool colors – on the paper for additional texture. They drew the lines with a large permanent marker. You can see more of these images at our Artsonia gallery here: It looks like I never did a blog post on the project – I will have to do that soon! Hope this helps – thanks for stopping by! -Josey

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