Second Grade Sunflowers

Ooh La La, don’t you love these sunflowers created by my talented second graders?  We’ve been looking at the sunflowers painted by Vincent VanGogh and reading the cute story by ~

Laurence Anholt, Camille and the Sunflowers.

Our beautiful sunflowers were drawn with large permanent markers and colored with water soluble oil pastels.  The black tempera background really makes our flowers pop!


Parents – you can find your child’s artwork for this project on our ARTSONIA site too!

This project was inspired by this image from Mirocomachiko’s blog.

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5 thoughts on “Second Grade Sunflowers

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  2. These are amazing. I would love to incorporate more art with my high school life skills students as they do go out into the general ed classes for anything. Can you tell me more about the process you used with water soluble oil pastels? Thanks so much.

  3. Thanks, Melonie! Our process was nothing too fancy – kids drew their flowers lightly with a pencil, reviewed warm colors, and colored their sunflowers with warm colored oil pastels. Some kids pressed heavy for a brighter, more colorful look, and others pressed lightly for a softer look. Final step – gently brushing water over their work to blend the colors – they were instructed to brush in the same direction that they colored for a smoother look. That’s it!

  4. Jaime, the painting was done last. The nice part about saving the painting as the last step was that it covered up all those little oil pastel fingerprints and made a crisp clean background!

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