Lemon Juice Froggies

Third graders recently completed these sweet little watercolor frogs – perfect to celebrate the spring frogs that are peeping outside the art room door!

Their watercolor froggies were painted on a background that was brushed with blue watercolor and dabbed with paper towel for some nice texture.

Dots were added to the frogs with lemon juice that was dropped on the frogs and blotted with tissue; this left a lighter “frog spot”.  Interestingly – we used two brands of green watercolor, and one brand would not “blot”…so we improvised and painted on white spots with tempera paint too.

Our final step was to add a lily pad and flower border.

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2 thoughts on “Lemon Juice Froggies

  1. Hee hee, they are aren’t they. The kids were freaked out about painting them without drawing first…until we practiced on scrap watercolor paper first and they discovered how easy and fun the little dudes are to paint!

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