Third Grade Egyptian Portraits

My third grade artists recently wrapped up this neat project that tied in to our study of Middle Eastern Culture.  I took their profile photos and printed them in black and white, and after discussing King Tut and Queen Nefertiti and looking at Egyptian hieroglyphs, they were ready to work!


Thanks to MaryMaking  for sharing her Ancient Egyptian Royalty project – my third graders loved it!

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2 thoughts on “Third Grade Egyptian Portraits

  1. Love this idea. What did you use for the head piece and clothes? I do Egyptian art with my 2nd graders.

    Thanks for sharing. I have modified several lessons this year and will use this one next year.

    Faith Broome

  2. Thank you Faith! The color was added with colored permanent markers – sharpies. We also used silver sharpies and white charcoal pencils for accents. My kiddos really enjoyed transforming themselves into royalty! I got this lesson idea from the Mary Making Blog – check hers out!

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