Second Grade Sunflowers

Second grade artists have been looking at the work of Vincent Van Gogh and his sunflower paintings.  They are finishing up these fun sunflowers – with a twist!  Zebra print stems and bright neon colors really jazz up these springy flowers.

Van Gogh Sunflower detail

Georgetown sunflowers – adding some snazzy polka dots


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4 thoughts on “Second Grade Sunflowers

  1. Love these beautifully colored and patterned flowers! What is the background paper? The texture looks a bit like painted wallpaper.

  2. Thanks! We made our background paper – it is texture rubbing with green crayon; we painted over it with yellow watercolor. Wallpaper would be cool to try too!

  3. Can you give me the directions to this art activity if you were only painting? I love the idea.

  4. Hi Patty – so it sounds like you want to skip the zebra paper collage for the stem, and paint only, am I right? I guess…I’d have the kids draw the stem and flower with a big fat permanent marker. Maybe do the background next – we texture rubbed with green crayons and did yellow watercolor on top, but you could do whatever. Then, maybe paint the zebra stripe stem, or do it with permanent marker. Do the flower next, we used neon acrylic paint. When that was dry we stamped white dots on with a dowel dipped in paint, but the kids could just do that with their brush as well. Does that help? Good luck!

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