Georgetown 5th Graders Explore Hundertwasser

Fifth grade artists have been working on a fun new Hundertwasser project.  After viewing several pieces by Austrian painter and architect Hundertwasser and learning about his interest in nature and spirals, we began by creating a background while exploring tints and shades.


Hundertwasser- these were our inspiration pieces.

Painting the background – including Hundertwasser spirals.

Working on the faces.

Finished pieces with spiral collage flowers created with fabric and buttons.

A final fun collage.  I love this new project!

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4 thoughts on “Georgetown 5th Graders Explore Hundertwasser

  1. I love this project, I just may have to try it with my students. I love how you’ve included so many different methods in one lesson!

  2. Thanks, Ashley! My kiddos enjoyed it. I guess I tend to do a lot of multi-media projects this time of year – lots of review and use of materials and techniques we’ve been exploring all year. Hope you get a chance to try this one!

  3. A great take on Hundertwasser! Will borrow this one thanks so much 🙂 Elizabeth

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