All U Need Is Love…

My third graders have been having a little fun with hearts this week.  After exploring the heart paintings created by American artist Jim Dine, they got to work on their own work of “heart”.

Jim Dine

While Andrea Bocelli sang some beautiful Italian love songs, we painted Valentine’s Day inspired words with Q-tips to create our background.  My normally chatty third graders were absolutely quiet as they concentrated on writing special words with their sticks.  It was heaven for this art teacher!

While these were drying, we created a colorful heart to add on top.  LOVE!

This project was inspired by this image by Michael Zayn that I saw on Pinterest:

Michael Zayn

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One thought on “All U Need Is Love…

  1. Always love to see valentine’s cards and art. Of course, 2/14 is my birthday so I am especially fond of Valentine’s day.

    These artworks are very intricate especially for 3rd graders.

    I would offer these as proof that art education and time spent on art in schools should not be harmed by various types of school budget cuts. Agree with those who say art and music offer something for those who read and write to read and write about something.


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