Back by Popular Demand – Warm Wanda and Cool Cal

First Grade artists have been learning all about color this month – primary colors, rainbow order, and mixing secondary colors.  This week we wrapped up with a visit from Warm Wanda and Cool Cal – coloring these critters helped us learn about warm and cool colors.  The best part – Wanda and Cal puppets to take home!

I don’t repeat too many art projects – but this one is always so enjoyed by my first grade crew that I have to do it.  And I get a kick out of the way this stays with my students – even my 5th graders refer to the warm and cool colors as Wanda and Cal!


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4 thoughts on “Back by Popular Demand – Warm Wanda and Cool Cal

  1. Hi Nora – thanks. I will work on getting the pattern uploaded – check back later this week; I’ll add it to this post. josey

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