Another Great Art Show!

Torrential rain…severe thunderstorms….tornado watches…..nothing keeps our loyal fans away from our annual HPS Art Show!  Despite the weather, hundreds of people came each evening this week to meet with our artists and enjoy the 800+ pieces on display.  Many thanks to all of you for supporting our artists and for the many compliments on their work.

Art Show 2011-2 Art Show 2011 April 26 April 27

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Artists Spotted!

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4 thoughts on “Another Great Art Show!

  1. Wow … I love how you displayed the art at this show. I was thinking craft paper but this looks fantastic! This will be my first art show and I am so nervous and still indecisive about how to display the work. Should it all be concentrated in one spot, spread out, etc.

    Thanks for being the great inspiration you are to all us “cyber” surfing art teachers.

  2. Thank you, Shanna! Student Art Shows – lots of work, but always well worth it! For some reason I’m always worried that nobody will show up…but we end up having over 2,500 attending over four nights. Amazing. Good luck on your first show – I’ll be watching for pictures!!

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