New Weaving Projects

My third and fourth graders have been exploring weaving this past week.  We used some unusual “looms” for our weaving; third graders wove around a paper plate, and fourth graders are experiencing weaving around a plastic cup as their loom.  Both grades are absolutely loving this new weaving technique – and many of my students are sneaking paper plates and plastic cups out of their cupboards at home so they can weave more – they are hooked!

Third Grade paper plate weaving

Weaving-grade 3 Weaving-third grade Weaving-third grade Paper plate weaving-third grade Paper Plate Weaving-third grade

Fourth Grade plastic cup weaving

Cup weaving-fourth grade Cup Weaving-fourth grade Cup Weaving-fourth grade Cup Weaving-fourth grade Cup Weaving-fourth grade Cup Weaving-fourth grade

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3 thoughts on “New Weaving Projects

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  2. About 3 feet at a time, then they knot on a new piece. If they try to use a longer piece, it often gets tangled and knotted up; a smaller piece is less frustrating for the kiddos to work with. I show them how to measure approximately 3 feet by measuring the yarn from their shoulder to the end of their fingertips. They can also measure the yarn the width of their arms spread out. Or you can get fancy and put a strip of tape on a table for them to measure against. When we do weaving projects I set up a yarn/measuring station at a table or counter with scissors, yarn, measuring stick, etc. so the kids can choose their colors on their own.

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