First Grade Picassos

First graders have been learning about Pablo Picasso and cubism this week.  They’ve had great fun talking about Picasso’s portraits that show many views of the face at the same time.

We created our own Picasso portraits, and included a review of warm, cool, and neutral colors as we painted our portraits.

First Grade Picassos First Grade Picassos First Grade Picassos First Grade Picassos

The final step was to go over all of our lines with black oil pastel so our shapes would pop out.  This turned out to be the most difficult step – those lines kept hiding, and Mrs. Brouwer kept sending everyone back to find one more line!

First Grade Picasso First Grade Picasso First Grade Picasso

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  2. My grandaughter is with me today (mid winter break) and we are painting. She was telling me about ‘cubism’ and couldn’t quite remember all the details. We ‘googled it and Georgetown Elementary art page came up #2 search! She squeeled with delight and remembered, ah yes, Pablo Picasso.

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