Second Grade Giraffes

Second Grade artists have been working on these oh-so-cute giraffes this week.  We drew them with big permanent markers and added color to the giraffe with chalk, rubbing it in with a q-tip (this was way more fun than using our fingers!).  We added a blue chalk background, rubbing it in with a cotton ball, and bits of raffia for the giraffe’s mane.

This project was our introduction to this year’s  African culture unit – but the giraffes were so much fun, we may do them again next year too!

Second Grade Giraffe Second Grade Giraffe Second Grade Giraffe Second Grade Giraffe Grade 2 Giraffes

Grade 2 Giraffes Grade 2 Giraffes

I switched it up with my second group of kiddos, and we did a watercolor background – I think I like the contrast between the chalk and watercolor better.

Second Grade Giraffes Second Grade Giraffes Grade 2 Giraffes

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7 thoughts on “Second Grade Giraffes

  1. these are so cool!! loved them.
    i just did them with my 2nd graders and they are so adorable!!
    thanks for sharing.

  2. I found your lesson on another site through Pinterest and wanted to thank you. I followed the drawing guidelines and added a few touches of my own. We used bubble wrap to make the neck prints. I worked with 1st graders for this project and it took us several sessions. First practice drawing then drawing the head. Cutting out the head and neck. Making the neck print and painting the background paper. Next week we will cut out leaves and flowers and put the whole thing together. I’m connecting to imagination and Henri Rousseau, You can check out our progress at

    Thanks so much for sharing,

    Ms. Jane
    arts educator and artist
    Sacramento, CA

  3. Thanks, Jane! LOVE the changes you made to the giraffe project with your kids – especially the bubble wrap printing – looks spectacular. I need to try that technique. Thanks for stopping by!

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