Hundertwasser Landscapes

Fifth Grade artists began looking at the work of Austrian painter and architect Hundertwasser.    We looked at some images from his book, Hundertwasser for Kids, including one of my favorite landscapes.

Hundertwasser For KidsHundertwasser

After a review of warm colors, we began painting our own Hundertwasser – inspired landscapes.

Hundertwasser Hundertwasser Hundertwasser Hundertwasser

Next week we’ll add black acrylic stems, focusing on Hundertwasser’s love of spirals as we paint.  The last step will be adding fabric circles to complete the landscape.  Here’s my sample – check back next week for our completed student pieces – I think they’ll be beautiful!


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6 thoughts on “Hundertwasser Landscapes

  1. This project looks really great. I love Hundertwasser, and I like how you are incorporating color theory and mixed media. I have that book too and really like it. I look forward to seeing the finished projects!

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