Color Mixing Fun

My first and second grade artists are reviewing color this week.  They have such great memories – everyone recalled the primary colors and remembered how to mix them to create secondary colors.

Color mixing is always a challenge for my little ones – seems like we always end up with “mud” as they try to create their secondary colors.  Not this time!  My kiddos traced around a large circle, and I squirted a dollop of red, yellow, and blue tempera paint in the middle of their circles.  Then I placed a sheet of saran wrap on top – and what fun!  My students smooshed the paint around – they loved the way it felt with the saran wrap on top of the paint!  They were instantly able to mix the secondary colors, and when they pulled the saran wrap off, the results were beautiful.

Not sure yet what we’ll do with our little color wheels – they may show up in a future project.

Color Mixing Color Mixing Color Mixing

Even our trash looks pretty today!Color Mixing

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