Dali’s Elephants

Fifth Graders are finishing up their study of Surrealist artist Salvadore Dali.  We read “Dali and the Path of Dreams” by Obiolis and Subirana – the pictures in the book are gorgeous and really helped my students understand Surrealism.

Dali & The Path Of DreamsMy 5th Graders were intrigued by the long-legged elephant images in the book – and so we had to draw them!

We drew the elephants together, one step at a time – and after a demonstration about value and shading, my students used oil pastel to blend and shade the elephant bodies.  Watercolor for the ground and sky completed their fabulous surreal landscapes.

Surreal Elephants

Surreal Elephants Surreal Elephants Surreal Elephant Surreal Elephant

I am also a new fan of the liquid watercolors that we used on the background – squirt a little of the concentrated watercolor in a dish, add water – viola!  Lots of watercolor for this big painting project!

Liquid Watercolors

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  2. Thanks! My 5th Graders really enjoyed the project, and really did a nice job using their shading skills with oil pastels.

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