The Great Pumpkin Project

My second grade artists have been learning about the art element of VALUE this month.  This is kind of a difficult concept for second grade but I wanted to lay the groundwork for future projects relating to value.

So we began with a simple shading project using artist pencils.  My kiddos were excited to use the REAL art pencils and blending stumps to create their carefully blended and shaded masks.

Second Grade Masks/Value Second Grade Masks/Value

They really did grasp the way to shade from dark to light in this project!  Next we moved on to pumpkins and I introduced value again, this time created by shading with color.  We used oil pastels and blending stumps to shade and blend our pumpkins, creating the illusion of a very rounded form – with awesome results!

Second Grade Pumpkin Second Grade Pumpkins Second Grade Pumpkins

Our principal, Mrs. Reagan, so dearly loved our pumpkins – so three now decorate her office door!

Mrs. Reagan's Office Door

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