A Shout-Out to Our Art Room Volunteers!

What a great school year it has been!  Mrs. Persch and I couldn’t have survived without the fabulous help of some special volunteers.  A HUGE thank you to Lisa Vredevoogd and her sweet daughter Mya for hanging artwork, taking art work down, hanging MORE artwork…you get the picture.  We so appreciate that you help us beautify our hallways with our student masterpieces.

Another giant thank you to Amy Sremba for taking thousands (yes, thousands!) of photos of student artwork to upload to our online Artsonia Student Art Gallery.  Thanks to Amy, we have 3,812 student works of art on display in our gallery for the 2014-2015 school year…and a grand total of 10,423 art pieces uploaded since 2010!  Check out our gallery here!

We can’t thank you all enough…hope you enjoy the little owl pins I felted for you…and please come back in the fall for more fun!


Hoot! We love you!


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A Visitor to the Art Room

Fifth Grade artists enjoyed a visit from local artist Cody VanDrunen today.  Cody is a former student of mine and is now following his passion – owner of CVD Designs, working as a free lance graphic designer, creating art and selling his work.  Talking with Cody was a real eye opener for many of our 5th graders; they peppered him with questions about how he works and where he gets his ideas and even how many pets he has (4 cats!).  Cody also entertained everyone with a few quick sketches.

IMG_7709 IMG_7711 IMG_7713 IMG_7716Thanks, Cody – I think you have inspired a few Georgetown artists to follow their dream too!

Learn more about Cody and his work at these links:

CVD Designs, Great Lakes Cornhole Boards


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Kindergarten Chickens

Kindergarten artists had fun drawing and coloring these bright chickens. The artists learned they could use simple shapes to create their chickens. They started by tracing a circle for the head. They drew triangles and ovals for the beaks and feathers. A rectangle or square was used for the box,  a circle for the sun, and ovals for the eggs.

In the Kindergarten art room we like to explore all different mediums throughout the year. This project introduced them to oil pastels. The artists founds out they were very messy, but created bright colors. Messy fingers usually make for a fun day in art class!


Here are just a few of our masterpieces!


Learning Goals

*I can draw common objects using simple shapes.

*I can carefully use oil pastels.

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1st Grade Watermelon Self-Portraits

Nothing says summer like watermelon! We are beginning to think about summer here at Georgetown and to celebrate summer we threw a twist into our self-portrait project. We decided to draw ourselves eating a large piece of watermelon.  The 1st grade artists had fun looking at their facial features in the mirror to make their drawings unique to them. They found out quickly that hair is one of the hardest things to draw.  Self-portraits are really hard to do, and all of the artists did an excellent job!IMG_7602IMG_7586IMG_7559IMG_7553IMG_7544IMG_7542IMG_7531IMG_3944The portraits were glued onto a tablecloth background to look like they were on a picnic. Bees and ants, (and even a few spiders), were added because no picnic is complete without them!

Learning Goals:

I can draw a realistic self-portrait

I can use watercolor crayons to create my own skin and eye color.

This project was inspired by several art blogs, including this one  here.

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Blue Dog Portraits

Third grade artists created these beautiful “Blue Dogs” after learning about Louisiana artist George Rodrigue and his fun “Blue Dog” paintings.

IMG_6650 IMG_6651 IMG_6670 IMG_6671 IMG_6700

Coloring our Rodrigue dogs with oil pastels and painting the background with tempera paint.

IMG_6993 IMG_7098 IMG_7441 IMG_7450 IMG_7455

A few of our colorful dogs – one of the things the students enjoyed the most was giving their dog a special name and putting it on the dog collar!  See more of this project on our ARTSONIA on line art gallery!

Learning goals:

I can tell a friend two facts about artist George Rodrigue.

I can draw a “Blue Dog” in the style of Rodrigue.

I can use color in a creative and thoughtful way to complete my dog portrait.

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Learning About the Micmac

Georgetown’s fifth graders have been learning about North American art and artists.  They explored the art of Phillip Young from New Brunswick, Canada.  Young, a member of the Micmac Fist Nations Tribe, combined new art techniques with traditional Micmac symbols and images to represent his family heritage in his art pieces.

Our artists created their work in the style of Young, learning two new painting techniques – sponge painting and scribing into wet paint with a special tool to create symbols and images.  Their circular central pieces were carefully painted with India Ink and include traditional Micmac designs and patterns, including images from nature and designs found on Micmac quillwork baskets.

IMG_6854 IMG_6859 IMG_6877 IMG_6881

Learning goals:

* Identify traditional Micmac First Nations symbols and art

* Learn and use two painting methods: sponge painting and scribing into wet paint

* Create a heritage piece in the style of Phillip Young

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