Throwin’ A Little Paint!

Well, not really throwing the paint.  Third graders have been exploring the action paintings of “Action Jackson” Pollock.  They re-created his splatter style of painting using yarn dipped in paint.

IMG_5668 IMG_5669

This is one of the few projects that I repeat every year – the students are so excited to create this way, and I never get tired of seeing the results!  Here’s one we did a couple of years ago: Action Jackson Portraits

This year we had some fun with our string prints by weaving the paintings after they were dry, and adding a string printed heart.


We discovered that it was easier to weave on the non-painted side of our work – easier to see our weaving pattern!

IMG_5776 IMG_5777 IMG_5778 IMG_5779


Learning Goals:

I can tell two facts about artist Jackson Pollock; I can identify non-objective art; I can create a quality finished art work using printing and weaving techniques.



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Third Grade “Action Jacksons”

Third graders have been learning about the action paintings of American artist “Action Jackson” Pollock.  Here’s a peek at their action paintings – can’t wait to show them the next step of this project!  Stay tuned!

Action Jackson


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Who Knew?!

We’ve explored different ways to draw a nice circle in the art room.  We’ve traced ‘em, and we’ve “gotten our brains ready” by drawing air circles first.  Next we’re going to try this nifty trick!

Thanks to The Art of Education for sharing this cool trick!

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‘Twas The Night Before Christmas….

Way back when I was a little kiddo, my favorite Christmas book was “Jolly Old Santa Claus”.  This sweet story took you on a tour of Santa’s North Pole workshop, showing Santa and his elves as they prepared for Christmas Eve. I loved looking for Jingles the elf and Whiskers the cat as the elves decorated ornaments, baked cookies, and got the reindeer ready for the big night.

I recently came across a reproduction of this book and have fallen in love with the illustrator George Hinke.  Take a look!

IMG_5432 IMG_5434 IMG_5435 IMG_5436 IMG_5438 IMG_5439 IMG_5440 IMG_5441

George Hinke was born in Berlin, Germany in 1883 and learned a classic style of painting.  His illustrations for the book “Jolly Old Santa Claus” are done in oil on stretched canvas.  I love looking for the influences of Hinke’s German background in these paintings – Santa’s castle resembles the castles of Bavarian King Ludwig, and Santa’s elves remind us of the stone elves that often decorate German gardens.  There is even a Black Forest clock hanging in Santa’s workshop!

Merry Christmas, friends!


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Another Mona Lisa?

Hmmm.  I need to consult with my third grade artists, who recently finished learning about daVinci’s famous Mona Lisa.  Let’s see what they think. EARLY MONA LISA goes on display for the first time?  Maybe…


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Finally Finished!

Our giant Chihuly project is finished!  Georgetown’s fifth graders began our water-bottle Chihuly in September…and our fourth graders joined the fun in early November to finish up.  It is a beauty!

IMG_5424 IMG_5426


Our fabulous Mr. Rob has already put our sculpture on display….can’t wait to see this addition to our school’s rotunda, and our students’ faces when they look at the view way, way, WAY up!


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Yay! More Art Show Selections!

Congratulations, Georgetown artists!  Here are the most recent selections for our 2015 HPS District Art Show!  Follow this link for more ART SHOW information.

IMG_5408 IMG_5409 IMG_5410 IMG_5411 IMG_5412 IMG_5413 IMG_5414 IMG_5415 IMG_5416 IMG_5417

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Quick! Tell Three Facts About Leonardo daVinci!

Do you know three interesting facts about Leonardo daVinci?  I’ll bet a Georgetown third grade artist can help you out!  They recently learned all about the great artist daVinci; not only did he paint the famous Mona Lisa, but he was a sculptor, inventor, musician, and mathematician.  Students examined a Mona Lisa print and discovered how daVinci was able to draw her eyes so that she seems to follow you across the room.

Third grade artists created their own Mona Lisa portraits, surrounding their portraits with drawings of inventions and notes just as Leonardo daVinci might have done.

One of my favorite parts of this project are the detailed inventions and notes!

IMG_5021 IMG_5054 IMG_5059

See more Mona Lisa portraits at our on-line gallery ARTSONIA!

I CAN Goals:

I can tell three facts about Leonardo daVinci.

I can draw a realistic portrait of the Mona Lisa.

I can show how to draw the famous Mona Lisa eyes.


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We’ve Been Busy!

Check out all the gorgeous winter-themed art we’ve been creating!

IMG_4859 IMG_4845 5th Grade Pines



4th Grade Polka Dot Poinsettias

IMG_5009 IMG_5000

3rd Grade Winter Pines

IMG_5314 IMG_5311

2nd Grade Winter Owls

IMG_5281 IMG_5208

1st Grade Cardinals

IMG_1746 IMG_1738

Kindergarten Winter Shapes

Parents – you can find more winter art, along with your child’s entire gallery of artwork at our on-line gallery ARTSONIA.

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Kindergarten Winter Shapes

IMG_1794Kindergarten artists have been busy cutting and gluing shapes to create these beautiful winter scenes. After painting the background sky, the artists cut common shapes to build trees and houses. These projects have brightened up our hallways on our gloomy December days.IMG_1671IMG_1666IMG_1668IMG_1746IMG_1738IMG_1793

See more of these Kindergarten Winter Shapes at our ARTSONIA site!


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